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The value of art


Art* has a great value because it allows one to see things differently from the circumstances where one is born. I think that this is why traditional societies are often aggressive or derisive towards individuals that deviate from the norm, because it is an attack on the predictability of individuals. * and of course the […]

In what do individuals differ from each other?


Mankind’s woes all come from unpredictability. We learn to predict at the best. Throughout their life Men might not have will, nor strength, to predict and be objective. This is indeed a difficult task; and often it might even not take you anywhere, because you are looking in the wrong direction; you are too stupid. […]

Celebration of virtue


I think one of the worst mistake a modern society can make is to celebrate virtue. I had this feeling since a pair of years ago, and realized that it is not just my discovery, but many other have seen this too. By giving value to virtue, virtue becomes a counterfeit-able good. The intended meaning […]

Ethics and philosophy in the West


I recently read the famed book History of Western Philosophy by B. Russell. From the XVII century on the world has changed its mindset and prepared to the wealth we enjoy right now, at least in a growing part of the world. Then many, especially in England, recognized the enormous value the empirical evidence can […]

4×4 Square


Hi. How wonderful, my friend to see you again. I was gone for a while. Now I’m happy and so glad to be here. Seven years ago I was wasting time reading on the internet using StumbleUpon, and I stumbled upon this page: which made me curious about the rest of the website. The […]

From “Before the Industrial Revolution” by Carlo M. Cipolla


During the seventeenth century the English came to a full realization of their power. And in vigor lies the seed of aggression. The English brought forward their theory of  Mare Clausum in opposition to the Dutch theory of Mare Liberum. A Swedish diplomat who attempted to mediate between the two nations wrote form London to […]



Hi. At the address you will find the implementation of the method described in the paper I submitted to I cannot understand the following picture: