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In what do individuals differ from each other?

Mankind’s woes all come from unpredictability.

We learn to predict at the best.

Throughout their life Men might not have will, nor strength, to predict and be objective. This is indeed a difficult task; and often it might even not take you anywhere, because you are looking in the wrong direction; you are too stupid.

Then one can resort to believing; be it religion, be it the horoscope, be it your dead grandmother, be it your garden tree you hug daily.

It is, in the end, this that differentiates men: for how long, and under which pressure, will they give up or hold out their beliefs/wishes?

Nota bene: it is never known in advance whether it is the believer, or the skeptic, or both, who will survive in a determinate situation; otherwise we would all be either skeptics or believers.